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Vipie updates
  • Nov 5th - COVID-19 mapping feature added. Results are shown as table in COVID/Bacteria reports. Files *.sam and unique read counts stored in Downloads from contig mapping (MAPQ>20) to full COVID19 genome ref
  • August - due to R versioning, clustering function has been disabled. Please email if you need help with local clustering using virus hits file
  • May 18th - Due to space limitations, data from jobs older than 1 month within will be deleted after maintenance
  • May 15th - SPADES de novo assembler added
  • May 11th - User guide updated
  • May 11th - updated BLAST all_virus nuc database (30,626 virus genomes)
  • Server maintenance scheduled 18.5, 20.6
  • Seeking permission to use dark matter reads - released 11.04
  • Contig report (in QC panel) - released 02.02
  • Integrated custom kmer/covcut - Released 25.08.17
  • Vipie published BMC Genomics 15.05.17  

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